Let yourself be submerged by the lace of whirling sounds of Sliding Words ... A concert with headphones for the greatest pleasure of your ears, will take you into another space-time, punctuated by Chill-Electro-Rock music and soundscapes to 3D sounds.


The 3 shows of Sliding Words :

[Séance Interdite] available from 2021

/ Improfonic / currently available

{fonetic} currently available


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(Technical sheets included)

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The Headphones Concert: https://vimeo.com/323172900

The official CLiP: https://youtu.be/72k-QO8ZbJk

By GravityBlueDuck: https://youtu.be/7IGJppXXak0

Press Picture

sW-MarsYahl Pict 1.2.jpg