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A unique sensory experience

Headphones Concerts

Bringing rugs and cushions to transform the place into a real nest, Sliding Words offers its audience an intimate and captivating musical moment, a sophisticated and unique multi-sensory experience.

This original sound installation allows the auditor to listen to the sounds differently, more intensely.  The music takes a greater intensity in each ear and the 3D sounds take the listener to another form of listening. More precise and detailed.

This installation also offers artists the opportunity to play in ever more unusual places.

Installed on chairs or on the floor on a carpet and cushions, each listener equipped with a Sennheiser HD201 headphone, connected themselves to old 20s to 60s telephones, by 2 to 5 grappes, are fully immersed in the sound atmosphere.

The headphones installation, allow to take full advantage of the 3D Sounds spatialization and also of the live recording sounds without distortion or side effects.

All the 3D sounds of the show are recorded live or in pre-production thanks to "Enzo", the "3D Head" of Sliding Words.

A unique sensory experience

Sliding Words By GravityBlueDuck

Feedback from sensory experience

- Gutenberg Tavern (Lyon 2017) -


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