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The binaural sound or 3D Sound with headphones

​​"We've got two ears able to perceive any sound in space, whatever its origin, proximity or distance. Unlike the view that remains essentially frontal.

Listening stereo, is like hearing sounds coming from one ear to the other, but everything stays inside the cranial box, on a straight line passing through the brain.

With 3D Sounds headphones concert, everything changes. It becomes possible to occupy all the space both in and around the head, adding the near/far and high/down impression. And those impressions are particularly enhanced.

Everyone who have lived this new experience have a hard time going back, because a 3D Sound with headphones is an incredible trip in all directions, inside and outside.

To understand, only one option: come, see, listen.

So, see you soon for the next concert of Sliding Words, have a good trip."

Intro + We Are Not So Different (After All) - Sliding Words

Examples to listen .... 

                     with your headphone :-)

      ... Yes, any headphone

Interlude Subermé (3D) by Bau - Sliding Words & JF Bau

Jean-François Bau

 ​Thanks to Jean-François Bau, who accompagnies our project regarding 3D Sound spatialisation. He has realized several 3D soundscapes, that you might hear in our "live concert" of {fonetic}, during the transitions between our songs.

Jean-François Bau "make some sound" from the middle of the 60's, sound design for theater pieces, classic danse and contemporary, art-perfomance. He's using diffusion modes from binaural to sounds spatialized in 3D relief, to multicast like acousmonium.

In 1976, he represented the video cooperative of Montreal (Toronto) for the first international festival of art performance. He collaborated with various institutions, like recently Orange-Lab and the cluster Imaginove, for research work, diffusion or publication on spatialized sound fields, acousmatic and evolutions to come in the cinema, 4 and 5D rooms, in games and virtual reality.

He's organizing regularly some "Tables rondes" (open discussions) or meeting workshops on those subjects.

He's been a member of the "administrative council" of "La Semaine du Son" ("the Sound Week") during 6 years and organized or coordinated about 50 various events under SDS Label in the ARA (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) county. He is co-writer of the UNESCO Sound Charter.

He is member of the "AES", Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Inventory.

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