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[Seance interdite]

The new multidisciplinary show by Sliding Words

At the crossroads of a concert and an animated fiction

[Seance Interdite] is a sound and visual immersion, at the crossroads of a concert and a fiction, mixing delicately animated drawings and 3D sounds. 

The scenario is revealed between music pieces performed live by the Sliding Words duet.


Whether through image, sound or plot, [Séance Interdite] questions the capacity of an insignificant cog to shake an entire system.

In this dreamlike atmosphere, it is also a question of the place we reserve for technology in our society, and in particular its impact on our memory.

In this retro-futuristic world, everything was delegated with complete confidence to Super Computer Kyle.

But after Kyle's 4th exo-generation, basic skills were forgotten by men.


For the proper functioning of society, Kyle was then authorized to take control of human brains in an emergency, but to do so, he had to ban the music that prevented him from doing so.


What was supposed to be temporary, lasted several centuries, despite several attempts at rebellion.

The only solution for the resistance: try to create an inner and spiritual revolution in Kyle.


But what can we do when the only access point seems to be through this element about which humanity has forgotten everything: music...

Scenario : Julien Lagier

Drawings: Nicolas Brachet -

Entertainment:Nicolas Garnier -

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