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songwriter performer, sound technician, guitarist.
mixer, sampling artist, sound samples hunter, to find rare musical extracts that can be reused and transformed.


Predilection :

Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Rock, Blues, World Music, Chanson, Electro…


Influences :

Coco-Rosie, Portishead, Cat Power, KanKick, DJ Krush,  Dr Dre, Pink Floyd



Sampler, Laptop, Guitar, Ukulele, Voici, Slam...


° La Musique Electroacoustique by Kapiand °


Multi-instrumentrist, and songwriter performer, creating sound matters in live, focusing improvisation by inspiring herself with sonorities, sound colors and their harmonic blend. Using acoustic, and some ounce of  synthetic for modeling her soundscapes.



Predilection :

Trip-hop, pop/rock indépendante, électro-jazz, ...


Influences :

Radiohead, Björk, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Pixies, Ez3kiel, Why?, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Oi Va Voi, Apparat, 

Broadcast, Skalpel, Thee More Shallows, Jomi Massage, JMPZ, Linoleum, Zero Absolu.


Instruments :

Voice, Piano, Guitar, Clarinett, Sansula, Harp, Carillon, iPad, Bowl and other sounds objects

Artistic Collaborations

Nicolas Garnier: Graphic Designer - Video


Nicolas is inspired by certain pieces to create racy and dreamlike visual universes, broadcast and worked on live.

Lionel Stocard: Visual artist - Musician


Lionel Stocard, invited to play in collaboration with Sliding Words for the concerts of "La Menuiserie" and "La Villa Gillet", created an electro-acoustic instrument for the occasion, called "La Harponie". This one has the appearance of a harp, and has nylon strings, but also bass, hacksaw blades, magnetic motor string, and a filtered microphone. This instrument fits majestically into the delicacy and stereo precision of the diffusion through headphones. .

Pierre-Emmanuel Faure: Light


Pierre-Emmanuel Faure, known as Peuf is the Light mentor

A clever balance of intimate and delicate lighting to reinforce the sound bubble and enhance the video of the show.

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