2 sound bubbles intersect

for a sensory journey

delicate and intimate,

orchestrated in the manner

a watchmaking workshop

Duality of sound universes:

Acoustic Yin / Electronic Yang

Trip Hop music / Electroacoustic interludes, 3D soundscapes

sW by Sab 1
sW-Jack Jack-1
SW-Taverne3 copie

Introduction (3D)

Steps recorded live, replaying ... A door slamming far away...

Some stairs ... A part of Voyage To The Edge Of The World


Time Is Never Here

A minute may be short and totally invisible

or long to finish, depending on what you live there ...

Only emotion counts, time does not count.


Interlude of The Black Room (3D)

The teaser

Our life as a cinema teaser

Remember things for not repeating them

And repeat things to better remember ...



Interlude That Knows Nothing (3D)


Cold hand

A silence that hides a cry of rage

The coldness that hides the inner wound


Interlude with improvised piano


We Are Not So Different (After All)

The beauty of colors and materials

The mixture of colors

Makes us stronger


Submerged Interlude (3D by Jean-François Bau)


Flowers Inside

My world collapsed when you leave

And you, you returned to flowers


Interlude of the dragons of our life (3D)

Bukowski Crash Test


In the manner of Charles Bukoswki


Time Is Never Here

Time is never here

Until the day you feel

A shine behind her tears

A smile behind her lips


You're like a photograph

Choosing your closure time

Posing your favorite time

Choose your fuzzy time


Time is never here

Until the day you feel

Until you feel what's real

Until we drop enmity


You stand like filigreed

Grazing their empty winds

Coloring what you feel

With your tainted dreams


Time crashes with our fire

Crossing our fuzzy heads

Silence gives our fire

Silence is here

Time crashes with our fire

Time is over here.

Cold Hand

My hand is cold

My hand is always cold

                       My heart is cold

                       My heart is always cold


Horizon is so far away

My frozen blood flows through my flesh,

My eyes, my mouth

Like a strength

But just alike

Touch me ... Always try !


My war is here

In that silence

Under a quiet dream

My old dream



My war is here

In that silence

Under a quiet scream

My old scream / my dream is so cold


Oh yeah, we get a smile,

As we arrive in front of the sea

Oh no, we have to smile

As where we go is just unreal

And tell me what's now and further

I've got to choose before I die

And giving birth to another flower

Let's walk on by with the stars


Arrachée de mes doigts

La rage sous l'armure

Ce cri dans mes mains

Traverse ma chair

Craque et fend l'air

Flowers Inside

"Sorry" (she didn't say)

A rose broke into pieces

Inside my heart

Her purple blood

Flooded me


Sometimes her spines pierces me

… As your end did


While you were dying

My world was collapsing

Have you heard my scream ?


Now that you're gone

Who'll hear my broken voice ?


Crashing… My world…

As your blood left your face


Crumbling… My heart

As your skin became flour


… Return to flowers…


Sorry dear

It's over

Where you blind? So Blind … So blind.

You were away, so away…

For saying a word.


Prelude To Bukowski

Floating on the air

Crossing stratosphere

I walk in empty space

Breathing a pure sense

Bukowski's flying in a higher river

Halo is carrying you


Taking care of you


The Teaser

It'is time to focus on where we are

And time to face

Stop turning around


                  Remember not to repeat

                  And repeat to better remember


                          Just Like a Teaser

Coming from... Cinema  x2


Nobody sees anything of your real movie

You're showing the same teaser


Every single day, every sample day

Like a face-to-face mirror


                  Remembering ourselves...

                   Remembering ourselves


                          Just Like a Teaser

                           Coming from... Cinema   x2



Keep one second more, Keep one second...

Keep one second more, keep one second...

Keep one second more... On Death.


We're Not So Different

(after all)

One hand on one long leg

Embrace in tenderness

Warm fingers sliding sliding

The other ones on his face


Otherwise he touches your hand


Inox hand on dark black skin

True gold hair in dark dry wind

Two blues eyes on naked breast

Two feet slowly on your chest




Apart he takes her hand

Caresses her senses

Sweetness is now their common


So different and so close

Same eyes, same blood

We're not so different after all

Bukowski Crash Test

But one day

When the crows returned from darkness

Like fools

I noticed some words unfold, slowly, more and more invading…

A dragon took hold of my kingdom

Bukowski, Bukowski

No sense... Random words like dice

Stitched down the floor

From where emerged a whole picture


Just near leaving a woman

She left without a sound, without sound

The strong silence

Then voices


Around his face

Crows began to scream here all around his face

It’s over

I see a lost man struggling

Crashing like

A Chinese dragon on fire

We can’t hear his voice

But he says

« I ain't this peacock anymore »

And now he’s a free man

He can laugh at

Wishy-washy men,

Broken by purity and money

White blood flowing in their burning vein

Nothing more beautiful than to fight (against)

His own destiny

And I’d like to believe that one day


Might be where they couldn’t before